Saturday, August 8, 2015

The Face of August

I'm a romantic
An idealist
Yet a Cynic
And a Pessimist
Positive thoughts fly though my head
To be shot down by the rifle to stifle

I love surpassing people's expectations
Slowly achieving my goals and dreams
But I also hate that expectations
Means there's awaiting evaluations

I'm terrified to fail
I'm terrified to disappoint
These dreams are more like a burden at this point

Don't try to find the invisible wall I hide behind
You can't withstand the altitude of that climb
Walls are created for a reason
My heart will never be in open season

Intimate relationships start off well
So heavenly, before the slow decent to hell
False declarations of love
True applications of lust
For now, I'm truly the only person I care to trust

I'm neurotic
And mildly psychotic
Yet some people find this combination intoxicatingly hypnotic

So easily I can build a bridge
But I always carry gasoline
All things eventually come to an end
Either by time or catastrophe

I find refuge in solitude
Alone with myself and thoughts
But sometime a warm embrace can mean a lot

This was face one
Now we are done

Face Project

Lately I have been averaging an unreasonably low amount of sleep thanks to the never ending chaos that is my life. I haven't had the chance to write anything in a while, which is truly disheartening, because poetry, prose, scripts, short stories, you name it, anything that involves my mind creating and translating my ideas into a literary work, is one of the many things that give me solace.  So I decided that it would be interesting to write monthly poems about myself consecutively for the entire year. Every month, or I could even say everyday brings something new. Whether it's an entirely new experience, or curious change about the usual mundane ones, life keeps everyone on their toes. I plan to call the poems: The Face of along with the corresponding month. The first poem for August will  be The Face of August. I chose to title these series of poems as The Face of_, because they will be representing a small facet of myself, you could say, one of the many faces that I have. Personally, I think this is going to be really interesting to see the variation in emotions with each poem. I won't have a schedule of when I plan to write, like the start or the end of each month, it will more be going off inspiration and when I feel like writing, and that will be the Face for that month. I could feel sudden inspiration in the middle of a stressful storm like now, or after a nice date with someone, etc. I suppose in a way, this is almost like keeping a monthly poetic diary. I'm sure from re-reading some poems, I will know exactly why I wrote it the way I did.

To the people who happen to read this series:

If a poem strikes your curiosity, feel free to comment. The beautiful thing about writing is that it's open to many interpretations. I think it would be really fun and fascinating to see how someone else could interpret that month.