Saturday, August 8, 2015

Face Project

Lately I have been averaging an unreasonably low amount of sleep thanks to the never ending chaos that is my life. I haven't had the chance to write anything in a while, which is truly disheartening, because poetry, prose, scripts, short stories, you name it, anything that involves my mind creating and translating my ideas into a literary work, is one of the many things that give me solace.  So I decided that it would be interesting to write monthly poems about myself consecutively for the entire year. Every month, or I could even say everyday brings something new. Whether it's an entirely new experience, or curious change about the usual mundane ones, life keeps everyone on their toes. I plan to call the poems: The Face of along with the corresponding month. The first poem for August will  be The Face of August. I chose to title these series of poems as The Face of_, because they will be representing a small facet of myself, you could say, one of the many faces that I have. Personally, I think this is going to be really interesting to see the variation in emotions with each poem. I won't have a schedule of when I plan to write, like the start or the end of each month, it will more be going off inspiration and when I feel like writing, and that will be the Face for that month. I could feel sudden inspiration in the middle of a stressful storm like now, or after a nice date with someone, etc. I suppose in a way, this is almost like keeping a monthly poetic diary. I'm sure from re-reading some poems, I will know exactly why I wrote it the way I did.

To the people who happen to read this series:

If a poem strikes your curiosity, feel free to comment. The beautiful thing about writing is that it's open to many interpretations. I think it would be really fun and fascinating to see how someone else could interpret that month.

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