Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Pure Reason is to No Avail

Pure reason is to no avail how I wish it did yet how I love thee so
Thy scent is of beguiling witch craft how it lingers how it taunts me
Broken, Beaten, and Battered down by thine love yet I stand up once more for thy's affliction
How my heart wants what it should not want
How my lips water for thy's forbidden fruit
I succumb to the temptation of plucking one sweet delight
The taste
The feel
Is that of unearthly kings
O how I revel in that bite savoring every moment
How I indulge myself in lustful pleasures losing breathe over such bliss
Yet thy fruit is not mine to keep
How you give away treasures so willingly
Thane eye's are those of a wandering wolf
Thine hunger is that of a ravenous beast
Whole body I throw to your allocation
Whole heart I give with zealous inclination
And how you take with greedy hands
No shame in sight of thine action
Thy ways are cruel and ones of self-seeking
Yet how quick I am to overlook
How quick I am to love thee so

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